August 5, 2018

THE NEW YORK TIMES ON “THE HIGH SCHOOL WE CAN’T LOG OFF FROM: Twitter rewards us for our mistakes. It isn’t designed to let us grow up.”

To be fair, that’s also true of the Times itself. She’s not mentioned by name in the above column, but it’s obvious that its subtext is the Gray Lady’s justification of hiring Sarah Jeong after years of racist tweets.

UPDATE: “The New York Times stealth-edited their article about Roseanne Barr to remove a header caption after being called out for hypocrisy over Sarah Jeong. This is journalism in 2018.”

The missing header said, “The network’s decision to cancel ‘Roseanne’ over a racist comment will cost it. But when people decide to let racism slide, it costs the rest of us.”

As the Times is learning the hard way.

Speaking of stealth-editing, Christina Hoff Sommers notes that there’s “No mention of Sarah Jeong’s demented tweets on her Wikipedia page. Why? A little group of activist editors won’t allow it. Amazing. See them in action here.”

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