July 27, 2018

THAT’S NOT WHAT NEWSWEEK TOLD ME IN 2009. Democratic Party, Socialist? Maxine Waters Says No:

Representative Maxine Waters said Wednesday that the Democratic party is not becoming socialist, despite the rise of several popular socialist candidates and congressmen.

“I just don’t think that our party should be identified because we have a few people who seem to be to the left of the left. Yes, Bernie Sanders calls himself . . . a Democratic socialist, but he votes with the Democrats. He does not want to get out of the Democratic lane,” Waters told CNBC. “I think — I consider him basically a Democrat who is focused on Wall Street and talks about Wall Street an awful lot and wants to make sure that Wall Street is not taking advantage of the average citizen.”

She added that Republican warnings that the Democratic party is shifting to the left are an “exaggeration.”

“The Democratic party is not a socialist party,” she stated. 

Oh the fun that would have ensued had CNBC asked Waters what’s wrong with socialism.

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