July 26, 2018


● Shot:

“Climate change is the biggest governing challenge we face. It’s the biggest governing challenge I think we’ve ever faced. One way or another, we’re going to have to dramatically reduce the amount of carbon we’re putting in the atmosphere and the scale and scope of that undertaking is every bit as transformational as the industrial revolution or the transition to the digital age. And you can think about that as terrifying or you can think about it as thrilling.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, in a 2012 promotional segment for the network.

● Chaser: Liberal Chris Hayes: I’d Like to Cover Climate Change, But It’s a ‘Ratings Killer.’

NewsBusters, yesterday.

The London Daily Mail disagrees! You just have to find the right, err, angle: “Soaring temperatures are giving men ‘summer penises’: Doctors confirm the heatwave is having a positive effect on the size of male genitals.”

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