BEN RHODES: Due to My Lack of Experience When Hired by Obama, I Was Totally Surprised at Just How Difficult My Job Was:

Rhodes, the former deputy national security adviser to Barack Obama, explained Sunday that he started working for Obama without much relevant experience and was surprised by how difficult it was.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria commented on Rhodes’ hair loss during his eight years in the White House, leading Rhodes to describe how he became a “punching bag” during that time. He had pursued being a novelist before joining Obama’s campaign in 2007 when he was just 29 years old.

“I was a normal person,” he said. “I wasn’t like a Hillary Clinton or a Leon Panetta. I came into this without that kind of experience of the limelight, and then to go on this journey and to be in the room for some really consequential and difficult decisions and to wrestle with that myself, to become in many ways kind of a punching bag.”

Rhodes said his memoir, The World As It Is, described “the strange experience of kind of becoming a right-wing villain, which I did not set out to do, and I don’t advise anybody to do it. It’s not pleasant.”

Actually, shouldn’t Rhodes also be considered a villain by his fellow leftists, considering his attacks on the journalists who covered the Obama administration?