YES. NEXT QUESTION? Did one of MSNBC’s most prominent hosts, Joy Reid, intentionally mislead the public when she claimed to have evidence that anonymous hackers were behind offensive posts on her old blog?

Neither Reid nor MSNBC addressed on Friday the fact that Reid once claimed to have definitive evidence that she had been hacked. After Reid’s claims fell apart under scrutiny, she admitted on April 25 that she didn’t actually have any evidence of hacking. (RELATED: Joy Reid’s Hacking Story Filled With Holes)

MSNBC did not return an inquiry from TheDCNF over the weekend asking whether the network believed Reid intentionally misled the public when she claimed to have evidence of hacking (which she didn’t have).

The network also didn’t answer a question on what effect Reid’s apparent misleading of the public might have on the host’s credibility.

Multiple panelists on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday chastised Reid and MSNBC over their handling of the hacking controversy.

When you’ve lost CNN…