QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED BY JIM TREACHER: When Is It Okay to Drop the C-Bomb on a Woman? When her dad is a POTUS from the wrong party.

Note to our friends on the other side of the aisle: Sorry to indulge the cliché yet again, but this really is how you got Trump. You claim to be righteous. You claim to be above the fray. But then the minute things don’t go your way, you leap right into the mud and start slinging. Then you make all the excuses in the world for a member of your own tribe. The benefit of the doubt is for insiders only.

I can’t judge Ms. Bee too harshly, though. This is a tough time for her. She got passed over for The Daily Show, and now she has to watch helplessly as a younger, #woker comedienne hosts the WHCD and gets a buzzworthy Netflix show and hogs all the press. That’s supposed to be her up there, saying awful things about women who work in the White House. She’s supposed to be America’s Trump-Hatin’ Sweetheart. So, if calling another woman a really bad word on TV is what Ms. Bee needs to do to get noticed again, that’s how it goes.

I won’t call for TBS to fire her. I also won’t shed a tear if they do.

Fire her? Heck, as Stephen Miller tweets, “If you’re a Trump supporter you should want her on TV every week leading into 2020.”

By then, Trump’s reelection video producers will have accumulated hundreds of hours of footage for campaign ads that will consist solely of material by Bee and others in the Hollywood-DNC-MSM-industrial complex. Just add a tag at the end along the lines of, “Remember, this is what they think of you, too. Vote accordingly. I’m Donald Trump, and I approve this message,” upload the spots to YouTube and the servers for local TV stations, and it’s off to the races.