GREAT MOMENTS IN MEDIA VICTIMHOOD: The Daily Beast Launches a “Your Twitter Followers Hit a Girl” Attack on Elon Musk.

Erin Biba is a freelance “science writer.” I put science writer in scare quotes because Biba goes to some lengths to obscure what her credentials are. The science writers who have worked for me were PhDs with bench science chops who had decided that tenured faculty positions were unlikely to materialize. They were very good writers but they were actual scientists who understood what they were writing about. Biba got pushback from a lot of people and did what journalists do: retaliate in print.

How dare your followers push back against me! Don’t they know that only we in the media are allowed to sic the social media mob on people?

Related: “Think we figured out why she deleted her entire tweet history… As an editor can you explain why it was OK for your journalist to repeatedly publicly insult someone who would go on to be the subject of an article smearing them using guilt by association? Hardly impartial is it?”