POWER PROJECTION: China’s first home-grown aircraft carrier finishes maiden sea trial amid speculation Asia’s most advanced destroyer will be next.

Launched in April last year, the Type 001 carrier sailed out of the northeastern port of Dalian on Sunday.

Xinhua said that the main purpose of the trial was to test its domestically developed propulsion systems.

Engineers from the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and PLA Navy will now assess the test results of the first sea trial, said Song Zhongping, a Hong Kong-based military expert.

The next trial would focus on a number of systems, including the ship’s electronics and radars, and would involve much more detailed tests, he said.

Tests on the new carrier will continue for the next six to 12 months in different waters and varied ocean conditions before it is delivered to the PLA navy.

“Engineers from the builder will work together with the PLA Navy for the tests until it is handed over to the PLA Navy,” Song said.

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