HIGH EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: 88% of Pomona Students Think the Campus Climate Silences Them. “‘Very liberal’ students are nearly four times more likely than moderate and conservative students to favor prohibiting some types of speech.”

Conservative, moderate, and liberal students are to varying degrees concerned about this trend. But 41 percent of self-described “very liberal” students thought Pomona’s policies on offensive speech had not gone far enough toward making potentially insensitive remarks unutterable.

That’s according to a fascinating survey of Pomona students and faculty conducted by Gallup. About a third of students and two thirds of faculty participated, which makes it a relatively comprehensive snapshot of the school’s attitudes about speech.

It turns out that Pomona students are more inclined than both faculty and students nationally to say that the college should prohibit certain viewpoints.

In the name of diversity, of course.

Maybe Pomona ought to make Logic 101 mandatory.