May 8, 2018

SULTANS GOTTA SULTANATE: Erdoğan vows fresh military action against Kurdish militants.

“In the new term, Turkey will add new operations to the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations,” Erdoğan said, in reference to a 2016 cross-border offensive in Syria and to the Afrin assault. “The operations will continue until not one terrorist is left.”

The elections are hugely important as they will transform Turkey’s governing system into an executive presidency, a constitutional change that was narrowly approved in a referendum last year. As part of the changes, the office of the prime minister will be abolished and its powers transferred largely to the president.

An alliance of opposition parties argue that the new system will lead to one-man rule and have vowed to return Turkey to a parliamentary system with strong checks and balances.

Wish them, and the Kurds, all the luck in the world.

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