April 29, 2018


An injury sustained in a violent scuffle inside a Midtown Starbucks could spell the premature end of an NYPD sergeant’s career.

Sgt. Timothy Wall says it all could have been prevented if the coffee chain had just listened to him. He claims he warned them for over a year if they didn’t change their policy when it comes to giving free food to people who are emotionally disturbed, someone was going to get hurt.

He just had no idea it would be him.

* * * * * * * *

On September 28th, 2017, Wall responded to a call for “a disturbed and violent individual” at the popular coffee shop at 39th Street and 8th Avenue. It’s a spot Wall says is notorious for complaints of harassment from disorderly men.

“Assaults at the location, drug use in the bathroom,” he said.

On that particular day it was a 24-year-old homeless man who was making threats, unhappy with the free croissant he had just gotten from employees.

“He said he wanted to kill everyone at the location,” Wall said. “He went to grab the bag stating he was going to kill everyone… We didn’t know what was in the bag, so we couldn’t take the risk.”

While restraining the combative man, Wall says his shoulder popped out of its socket and stayed that way for 45 minutes. He had surgery in February and now goes to physical therapy three times a week.

After Starbucks’ upper management donned their collective hair shirts following the incident at Rittenhouse Square earlier this month, expect many more articles of this type.

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