WHAT IS IT WITH TIME-WARNER-CNN-HBO EMPLOYEES AND AIRPORTS? CNN contributor Symone Sanders accused of disorderly conduct at LaGuardia airport:

As for the current incident, there could be more to this story that hasn’t come out yet. So far it doesn’t appear Sanders herself has spoken about it. But if the report is accurate, this is the second time in less than a year Sanders has lost it in an airport. Cursing people out in a line, especially in front of children, seems pretty unhinged.

Yes, but as these things go, perhaps not as unhinged as Lena Dunham threatening to dox airline employees. Last September, she wrote on Instagram that “I’m at the airport. And I think people now know, when I’m at the airport, they have to f—ing watch out for me, because I hear and I see all.”

Charming. When do airports begin to drop their Orwellianly ubiquitous CNN telecscreens?