HMM: Minister Reveals Cyber Attack On Iranian Data Centers, Blames Foreign Hackers.

Iran’s Telecommunications Ministry revealed on Saturday that ten days ago CISCO, the US company that manufactures network equipment had warned about the vulnerability of the router switches that were attacked Friday night.

The ministry said that many companies freeze their networks’ settings during holidays, and that the companies did not update their settings as MAHER failed to inform them of the imminent attack. Friday is a weekend day in Iran.

A number of Iranian websites were reportedly “down” for several hours following the Friday night attack.

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology says that 35 thousand router switches have been attacked by hackers.

The data companies Respina, ISIRAN, and Shuttle were most seriously affected by the attack, said the ministry.

Explaining about the origin of the attack, the ministry said, “An image of the US flag that was used in hacking with a slogan about intervention in US elections, as well as the timing of the attack indicate that it has not originated in the Middle East.”

While I don’t believe a word that comes out of official Iranian channels, I certainly hope patriotic Americans were involved in discomfiting the mullah’s regime.