HIT ‘EM WHERE IT HURTS: End EPA’s Ideology-Driven Slush Funds.

Another, case in point is the Volkswagen AG scandal from 2015. As part of the VW’s emissions settlement, the company agreed to invest $2 billion on electric vehicle infrastructure in the U.S. While this money may seem connected to the emissions cheating, in reality, it went to a nonprofit interest groups unrelated to the settlement and parties involved. The VW settlement follows not one, but two unsuccessful requests for congressional funding for electric vehicle infrastructure by the Obama administration.

VW wasn’t the only company required to pay money to finance third-parties through slush funds. In the $20.8 billion settlement for the Gulf oil spill, the largest settlement in U.S. history, BP was ordered to pay up to $8.8 billion to the Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees in order to fund restoration work on the Gulf of Mexico. Again, while this may seem related, the money going to coastal restoration was also used to fund projects not directly related to the spill.

This a problem.

Nah — quasi-legal slush funds are just another feature of Obama’s “remarkably scandal-free” administration.

And if you want to know why the Left is working so furiously to drive Pruitt from office? It’s all about the money.