SHOE, MEET OTHER FOOT: ‘Extremely dangerous to our democracy’: MSNBC’s Joe and Mika shame Sinclair anchors for reciting pro-Trump propaganda.

The “Morning Joe” hosts played a video montage showing anchors warning viewers about a “deep state” conspiracy they claimed was out to destroy President Donald Trump, and one after another told viewers this was “extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski agreed this was indeed “extremely dangerous to our democracy,” and bashed the right-wing broadcast company for “shoving propaganda down local anchor’s throats.”

“The president has no problem calling the media enemies of the state, has no problem constantly lying about them,” Scarborough said. “He has no problem being angry when they call him out on his own lies. What’s so interesting is, as those news anchors from around the country were saying that this weekend, you know, and they were instructed to recite words that legitimize the president’s agenda, it was Donald Trump who was lying.”

The Journolist — or whatever they’re calling it now — keeps the Left marching in near-perfect lockstep, every day, over the complete spectrum of major news outlets, entertainment, and social media. But they totally lose their cool over a clumsy, one-time effort at messaging by Sinclair Broadcast Group.