YES. NEXT QUESTION? Could #MarchForOurLives be a setback for gun control?

“NRA = Murder” signs were widespread at Saturday’s rally, along with “The NRA Supports Terrorists” and “[Expletive] the NRA.” At least one rally featured chants of “Hey, Hey, NRA—How many kids did you kill today?”

So how does it feel to spend a day being called a child murderer on national television?

“You get used to it,” said Cam Edwards, host of the popular “Cam and Company” show on NRATV. “This is nothing new, maybe just more ramped up.”

Edwards makes the point that the NRA is a membership organization and an attack on it is an attack on the 6 million or so people who choose to send in their $40 a year because they want to protect what they see as a constitutional right.

“NRA members are some of the best people in this country: first responders, educators, veterans, moms and dads,” Edwards says. “Not people who care more about their guns than their kids. And certainly not domestic terrorists.”

There’s something else Americans who support gun rights are: Registered voters.

Ask Bill Clinton about the assault weapons ban and the 1994 midterms — or better yet, don’t, since he still goes on about it.