WINNING: Tax Revamp Drives Corporate CEOs’ Economic Outlook to 15-Year High.

The Business Roundtable survey is the first the group has conducted since the U.S. tax changes were adopted in December. The law included many provisions the Business Roundtable supported, such as a much lower corporate tax rate and lighter taxes on many U.S. companies’ foreign earnings.

James Dimon, chairman of the Business Roundtable and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., said the survey results are likely to translate into more jobs for Americans.

“The historic tax-reform law is already prompting more investment, jobs, high wages and more benefits for workers all here in the United States of America,” Mr. Dimon said.

Executives also boosted their projection for growth this year in gross domestic product, predicting a 2.8% rate, above their earlier estimate of 2.5%.

I had been assured by some very smart people, right around the time Barack Obama was sworn into office, that business climate was a myth.