March 8, 2018


She wasn’t the only one. A columnist for the Seattle Stranger, a weekly newspaper, asked outright, “Are the Terrorists Right?” Her answer was yes. Firebomb some buildings and we’ll write stories that, while containing the requisite weasel words about not condoning violence, treat firebombers as otherwise thoughtful scholars.

Ironically, environmental reporters often wonder why there is so much division on environmental policy. Gallup found that climate change was the most divisive issue facing voters today — not gun control or abortion. When reporters treat firebombings as a conversation starter rather than a crime, can anyone be surprised that conservatives believe environmental policy to be the domain of the slightly deranged?

Sadly, this trend is unlikely to change. Environmental reporters are often activists themselves. When the Seattle Post-Intelligencer laid off most of its staff, its chief environmental reporter, Lisa Stiffler, went to work immediately for a local environmental group.

No reason to merely think of the media as Democratic activists with bylines when they’re plug and play with far left advocacy groups.

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