DEATH WISH REBOOT: Audiences Love It, Critics Hate It.

The film is a remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson classic, and shares the story of an ordinary man facing down crime with nothing but courage and a gun after his wife is murdered and daughter raped. About the earlier film, Roger Ebert called it “propaganda for private gun ownership.”

The same thing is being said of the new film. As one reviewer complained, “If the NRA made a feature film, it would be this.” The conservative film website HollywoodinToto praised it for just that angle: “This gut punch of a remake will drive SJWs crazy. That’s just one of many reasons to see Eli Roth’s latest.”

It’s been a while since Willis has starred in a must-see movie, but teaming him up with Eli Roth sends this picture to the top of my Don’t Miss list.