SPENGLER: A tidal wave of refugees is coming.

Africa can’t absorb its rapidly growing population. The World Bank estimated in 2014 that between 993 to 2008 the average per capita income of sub-Saharan African economies barely budged—it increased from $742 to$762 per year (measured in 2005 purchasing-power parity-adjusted dollars). Africa retains the fertility behavior of pre-industrial society, with an average of five children per female, but lacks the infrastructure, education, and governance to absorb them into economic life. 64% of sub-Saharan Africans live on $1.90 per day or less.

The problems of sub-Saharan Africa (as well as Pakistan and other troubled countries) are physically too large for the West to remedy: The sheer numbers of people in distress soon will exceed the total population of the industrial world. That means that there is a point in time at which the most devout pussy-hat wearing, virtue-signaling, politically correct liberal will pretend not to notice millions of starving children dying before his eyes.

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