HMM: With Nowhere Else to Turn, Syrian Kurds Will Have to Embrace Assad’s Army.

With the understanding that they don’t really have anyone to rely on in their struggle against the Turkish forces that invaded northern Syria’s Afrin district in January, the Syrian Kurds will have to do a back flip and embrace the Syrian military. The army forces and those Syrian militias that have been helping President Bashar Assad’s regime are prepared to go into the Afrin district and even into the city itself to restore the regime’s control over the area, erect a defensive wall against the Turkish forces and perhaps later even expand Assad’s control over the other Kurdish districts in northern Syria.

The leadership of the Afrin district, one of the three autonomous Kurdish districts, denies it has reached any agreement with the regime, but judging by the movements of the regime’s army and the vague responses of the Kurds, this will be the next move. If indeed the Syrian military takes control of the district and positions military outposts along the Turkish border, it would be an important achievement for Assad that could have crucial consequences for the diplomatic process aiming to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Related: Turkey has warned the Syrian government not to help Kurds fighting against Turkish forces in northern Syria.

And: Moscow calls on US not to play with fire in Syria.

So we have US friends teaming up with a regime the US wants gone to stop a US ally from killing US friends while the Russians accuse the US of messing things up in the Middle East.

Sounds about par.