SCOTT GREER: Lefty Journalists: Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee.

Just last week, many of the same leftists crusading against Norton and Weiss were defending Deadspin contributor Jesse Farrar over his offensive humor. In a tweet, Farrar joked he wanted to drown conservative students. When Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk remarked that the dark tweet was probably a joke, the leftist writer insisted, “I am not joking.”

That was all a part of his particular humor, but it’s understandable why a few did not think it was a joke. He did flat-out say “I’m not joking,” which demands everyone understand his unique sense of humor to know he’s not.

Conservative outlet IJR reached out to Deadspin for comment on the matter. Deadspin deputy editor Barry Petchesky replied that he couldn’t argue against drowning conservative students. “And while I would not personally advocate the method mentioned in Farrar’s obvious joke Tweet you seem to be using to try to snitch on him to his employers, I can’t argue that it wouldn’t make the world a better place,” Petchesky told IJR.

Man is that funny.

Farrar’s leftist defenders believe that everyone should understand his humor and it’s a serious outrage to report his jokes to his employers, forgetting that they do this all the time to their political opponents.

What fun is free speech when even un-credentialed proles can use it?