January 25, 2018

LIVE FROM POTEMKIN VILLAGE, IT’S CONAN O’BRIEN! “Conan’s trip [to Haiti] was too clever by half,” Don Surber writes:

Inadvertently, he showed himself as a white guy millionaire with a Harvard degree sipping an adult beverage from some sort of coconut shell — while nearby, one million native people are still without sewers eight years after the earthquake.

How is this different from the colonialism Haitians overthrew 227 years ago?

He acts like the Great White Father, protecting his lessers from an evil man who may or may not in private have called their country a s***hole.

Haitians don’t need some TV celebrity’s protection.

They need sewers.

Christian Toto adds, “Is Hollywood More Out of Touch Than Ever Before?” Once again, Trump’s ability to drive his opponents round the bend is one of his best assets.

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