QUESTIONS ASKED: Did Rosie O’Donnell Offer a Bribe to Senators?

Beyond that, Ace asks:

Question: Isn’t there something wrong with people who have this level of emotion and ego invested in who wins this or that in politics?

People have only a finite reservoir of #Caring, as Kurt Schlicter calls it. You cannot care passionately but for a few things.

When deranged imbeciles like this and the rest of the #BlueCheckmarkMafia melt down every single day – rend their garments every single day– basically call Taylor Swift a racist for not being a basket-case neurotic depressive like themselves, every single day — isn’t that complete proof that these people have absolutely nothing going on their lives to be happy about, to take pride in?

And how can we all avoid becoming like them?

Bad things happen when you make politics your religion. It has to be utterly exhausting to be on the left and pretend that every move by the Republicans will cause PEOPLE TO DIE!!!!1!!!!

(To be fair, being out of coffee is a perfectly legit reason to panic.)