October 13, 2017

PAY TO PREY: Harvey Weinstein’s contract basically allowed for sexual harassment — so long as he paid the company. “That is to say “Harvey Weinstein, currently accused by dozens of women of acts ranging from extreme skeeviness to aggravated felony, may have been … improperly terminated under his contract,” Allahpundit writes. (Ellipses in original.) “Here he is at a Women’s March a few months ago, ostensibly signaling his wokeness but in all probability scouting for targets.”

Related: Yikes! Donna Brazile’s (now deleted) praise for The Weinstein Company looks even worse now.

More: Great twitter thread from Brian Cates that’s well worth your time, including: “What took out Ailes/O’Reilly was so many women coming forward at once. The usual playbook of legal threats/buying them off didn’t work. Watching Ailes & then O’Reilly being suddenly toppled, it COULD be some women in Hollywood realized there was hope.”


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