October 9, 2017

LARRY O’CONNOR: Why My Fellow Conservatives Are Wrong To Target Films And Video Games Defending Gun Rights.

On Sunday’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper on CNN former Senator (and presidential candidate) Rick Santorum suggested violent acts depicted in television programming, films and video games bear some responsibility on gun violence and, in particular, mass shootings.

It’s a common (and, frankly, predictable) response from social conservatives trying to parry and deflect attacks on the right to keep and bear arms and it’s a clever rhetorical diversion often employed by my fellow conservatives while engaged in these television debates where they often find themselves grossly outnumbered by the panelists and usually the moderator.

But it’s an ill-advised tactic and they’re wrong in raising the notion that the First Amendment should be infringed upon for the sake of keeping the Second Amendment intact.

Santorum is a scold, and nobody likes a scold.

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