October 2, 2017

JOHN KASICH: If GOP “can’t be fixed,” I can’t support it. “Kasich has been one of President Trump’s most vocal opponents within the party, and some point to him as a likely primary challenger in 2020. But Kasich seems to be toying with the idea of leaving the GOP entirely — though he said for now he remains committed to trying to change it from within.”

Kasich made a name for himself in the ’90s as one of Congress’s more libertarian-leaning Republicans. But his clashes with Trump and his platforms as a gubernatorial and presidential candidate, reveal that he has long since left aside his libertarian leanings.

Fans of the Old Kasich haven’t trusted him since he embraced Big Government, and he’s gone out of his way to make himself unwelcome in this new GOP. If he feels politically homeless, he probably doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself.

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