QUESTION ASKED: Is America Now Officially Crazy?

No — but immersing yourself in the fine product and spokesotherkins of the DNC-MSM-Academia Industrial Complex, it’s easy to come to that conclusion.

Back in the real world, “Harvey Awakens a Divided America’s Better Angels.”

Somewhat related, when you see headlines such as this: “No Shame: MSNBC Whines That Trump Is Going to Texas Too Quickly,” you know Trump made the right decision to get out there personally, to prevent the DNC-MSM from immediately crafting the “cold aloof president” narrative that ultimately became a cudgel to allow the Democrats to regain both houses of Congress in 2006, and the White House in 2008. Though years later, as Donna Brazile admitted in her CNN column, once it was politically safe to do so, “Bush Came Through on Katrina.”