WELL, GOOD: Pence downplays possibility of military intervention in Venezuela.

In Venezuela, we are seeing tragedy of tyranny play out before our own eyes in our own hemisphere,” said Pence at the Tuesday press conference. “The U.S. will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles,” he added.

As Macri told reporters he was reassured by the “levels of agreement” between the U.S. and Argentina on how to tackle the issue of Venezuela, he also urged an emphasis on “diplomatic and economic skills” instead of military options. Venezuela has been stricken by violent protests in recent months amid massive inflation, food shortages, and efforts to quell dissent by the country’s socialist government.

“We do not see force as an option to resolve the conflict in Venezuela,” Macri said flatly.

Aid to Venezuela’s neighbors, particularly friend Colombia, would be appropriate in the event of a civil war or other refugee crisis — but I can’t imagine what longterm good would come out of a sticky US occupation of the Bolivarian socialist workers’ paradise.