Saying “I overheard a conversation” but giving no specifics might prompt American Airlines to send out a general notice to its employees to watch what they say while in the terminal—which is a little unsettling in itself. But giving specific information only has one purpose: to help the airline locate, identify, and punish these specific employees for holding politically incorrect views.

It’s the hashtag #acrossfromthewinebar that sent chills down my spine. Dunham is acting like an informant working for a totalitarian police state—but boastfully, in public, on social media. With a hashtag.

Undoubtedly, someone will point out that this isn’t really totalitarianism because these are all voluntary actions by private citizens and organizations, not the government.

Well of course – she’s a former employee of Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, where they take doxxing their potential customers very seriously if they stray off the leftwing reservation. But is the above incident yet another creation of Dunham’s fevered imagination? “American Airlines ‘unable to substantiate’ Lena Dunham’s allegations of transphobic employees at NYC airport,” Fox News reports:

It’s unclear if American was able to identify where the conversation allegedly occurred, but Dunham’s explanation that it was between the arrivals area and Gate B30 would place her at JFK’s Terminal 4. ABC News reported that Dunham’s Instagram story appeared to show her flying on Delta Air Lines, which does in fact operate out of Terminal 4. American Airlines, meanwhile, operates out of JFK’s Terminal 8.

Dunham is now babbling “I live for my truth,” in response to be described, yet again, as a fabulist. In any case, as Ace of Spades writes of the above incident, the SJW crowd “are militant, they are dogmatic, they are intolerant, and they are vicious. Like jihadis, or any other suicide cultist, they have convinced themselves that their Pleasurable Cruelty to people is justified because they act to vindicate the Righteousness of Strange Gods.” The incident may or may not have happened, but Dunham has chosen to position herself, as veteran journalist Kurt Loder tweeted, “Lena Dunham, millionaire scourge of working-class women.”

But then, as Ross Douthat of the New York Times and National Review tweets regarding Dunham: “Every great idealist begins as a rebel, becomes a square, and eventually degenerates into a narc.”

Back in May, leftwing academician Freddie deBoer wrote a post in which he suggests that everyone, on both sides of the aisle, is a cop these days. This paragraph is remarkably prescient in regards to Time-Warner-CNN-HBO’s newfound penchant to be America’s Central Scrutinizer:

The woke world is a world of snitches, informants, rats. Go to any space concerned with social justice and what will you find? Endless surveillance. Everybody is to be judged. Everyone is under suspicion. Everything you say is to be scoured, picked over, analyzed for any possible offense. Everyone’s a detective in the Division of Problematics, and they walk the beat 24/7. You search and search for someone Bad doing Bad Things, finding ways to indict writers and artists and ordinary people for something, anything. That movie that got popular? Give me a few hours and 800 words. I’ll get you your indictments. That’s what liberalism is, now — the search for baddies doing bad things, like little offense archaeologists, digging deeper and deeper to find out who’s Good and who’s Bad. I wonder why people run away from establishment progressivism in droves.