SOCIAL JUSTICE ‘WAR AND PEACE:’ How dare a struggling Broadway musical ask the beloved Mandy Patinkin to step in for a few weeks?

Predictably, a Twitter mob formed, outraged that Patinkin, who is of Eastern European Jewish descent, would be temporarily replacing an African-American actor. Never mind that the role had been originated by the whiter-than-Vermont Josh Groban; and never mind that the show proudly proclaimed that it employed colorblind casting. And never mind, by the way, that two of Patinkin’s most beloved roles had him playing decidedly non-Hasidic characters. (Sure it’s one thing for him to play the narrator Che in Evita, but if you think somebody named Mandy Patinkin could play a character called Inigo Montoya in 2017 … then, again, you don’t know much about the year 2017.)

Equally predictable was the cave-in.

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