ARIANNA, WE’RE LOST, I SAID, THOUGH I KNEW SHE WAS SLEEPING: Huffpo has come to look for America.

Plus in the comments, a link to Twitchy, for a preview of how the field trip will go:

Report: saw a truck with a gun rack.
Literally. Shaking.

— Texas Guy (@Collinsdw) July 13, 2017

Tried to merge in traffic, driver motioned for us to go ahead. Patriarchy even on the highways.

— Lizzy Lou Who???? (@_wintergirl93) July 13, 2017

That random stranger told me to have a nice day. I blew my rape whistle in their face. #HuffPoInTheHeartland

Meanwhile, in “HuffPo’s Deplorable Safari,” a contributor at Ricochet explores “What They Claim They Will Do” versus “What They Will Actually Do.”

Classical allusion in headline:

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)