THERE’S A METHOD TO THIS MADNESS: San Francisco And California Take Additional Steps Toward Lawlessness.

Jazz Shaw:

Clearly San Francisco is upping their game when it comes to defying the law here. Some quasi-sanctuary cities have put less official policies in place which allow officers the option of not cooperating with ICE or asking suspects about their immigration status. But San Francisco has chosen to go with an all-out ban, forbidding their police from performing routine actions which would assist in upholding the law and protecting their own citizens from dangerous, criminal illegal aliens. It’s particularly ironic in light of the recent congressional action mentioned above, since their city was the home to Kathryn Steinle at the time of her brutal murder by an illegal alien who had already been deported multiple times.

Meanwhile, back in the state capital, California as a whole was moving in a similar direction. State senator Kevin de Leon has gotten his pet bill out of committee and it’s one which would, if enacted, turn the Golden State into one of the most hostile environments for immigration enforcement in the nation.

Jazz concludes: “Locking federal ICE agents out of law enforcement databases and physically blocking them from entering jails and courthouses is just about as far as one could imagine a state going in terms of lawlessness. That’s no longer just a policy difference… it’s aiding and abetting criminals while gutting the rule of law.”

Well, yes. But you can’t establish the New Feudalism without breaking a few eggs.