July 7, 2017


Man, Jezebel morphed into Stormfront so slowly, I hardly even noticed. Why are Democrat-controlled Websites such cesspits of anti-miscegenist racism?

Or as Rod Dreher wrote in February, “I don’t believe the alt-right’s view of the world any more than I believe the [DNC-MSM-Hollywood-Academia] Cathedral’s. If the alt-right’s racist ideas are going to gain ground in American politics, they aren’t going to do it through my agency. But here’s what the Cathedral left needs to know: you aren’t going to be able to count on conservative people like me to help you oppose the alt-right, because you are their ‘respectable’ left-wing mirror image.”

Though it is fascinating (in watching a car-wreck sort of way) watching “Progressivism” return to its racist roots of a century ago.

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