June 26, 2017

THE NEWS WE KEPT TO OURSELVES: CNN’s ‘Massive’ Error on Russia? No Time For It on Brian Stelter’s ‘Reliable Sources:’

Instead, Stelter spent more than five minutes hate-analyzing Fox & Friends as a Trump infomercial. He spent about ten and a half minutes indulging “TV legend” Phil Donahue. He even closed the show with four minutes allegedly about Russia — but his guest Masha Gessen basically fed back Stelter his favorite talking point that Trump is an “aspiring autocrat” who’s shutting down access to the press: “We’re definitely hurtling towards a closed system of government…”

Curiously, for once, a Time-Warner-CNN-HBO employee sees that as an epithet.

UPDATE: CNN Publishes Single-Source Claim on Russia Investigation, Then Stealthily Retracts; Forbids Reporters From Running Any Russia Story Without Permission, Promises “Discipline.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

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