June 25, 2017

CLINT EASTWOOD ANNOUNCES NEXT FILM PROJECT: “Eastwood is working on his next project, about three friends who stopped a terrorist attack two years ago on a train in France:”

“I met the kids at an awards event last summer,” Eastwood said, referring to the 2016 Spike TV “Guys Choice Awards” — a made-for-TV comedy event that features Hollywood stars who gather to “toast the mega-splendor of all things guy,” according to the cable channel. During the taping of the event last August, Eastwood was on hand to introduce Stone, Skarlatos and Sadler before they received the Hero Award.

“The audience was mostly military, and I just introduced them as guys who represented the American spirit, who were going to go down fighting,” Eastwood said.

“I was flattered when I met him, because when we were on the stage, Mr. Eastwood told me, ‘I don’t usually do this type of stuff, but when I heard who I’d be introducing, I decided to show up,’” Stone recalled.

Backstage, the heroes had a chance to chat with Eastwood, whom they all admired. And they told him they’d be honored if he’d consider directing their movie.

“It was just a brief conversation, but he said, ‘Send me your book,’” Stone said. In December of last year, after they sent the book to Eastwood’s Burbank office, his assistant called them to say he was interested.

“I read it, and I thought, ‘This is something different,’” Eastwood said. “It was an episode people don’t associate with young people today — doing something heroic.”

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