June 8, 2017

AL FRANKEN: Kathy Griffin Should Come Back with ‘I Effed Up Tour’

“That was unbelievably wrong and out-of-bounds, what Kathy did,” he said. “Kathy has done USO shows and Kathy is a funny comedian and a generous person in all kinds of ways, and she just made this monumental, monumental mistake, and that was an incredibly inappropriate image and that should not be in our national discourse. I called her and told her it was a terrible mistake.”

Franken said Griffin has lost her sense of humor, and recommended she take some time off then return with an appropriately named tour.

“She apologized for it and she begged for forgiveness and she’s devastated by it. I think her strong suit, any good comedian’s strong suit, which she is, is your sense of humor,” he said. “And she just lost it and I think she needs to take some time off and come back with an ‘I effed up tour.’”

Nothing’s funnier than a heartfelt apology.

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