FLORIDA HE-MAN. ‘He-Man’ qualifies for special Florida Senate election ballot:

“In rugby tradition, we have nicknames. Your teammates usually give it to you,” Schlaerth said, recounting when he joined the University of Miami’s college team in 2005. “I showed up to practice, and I was the biggest, strongest guy on the team at the time.”

And so, “He-Man” was born.

As evidence that his nickname existed before the election, as required by Florida law to be on the ballot, Schlaerth provided the state with a copy of a May 2017 newsletter for the German American Social Club which lists “Christian ‘He-Man’ Schlaerth” as a candidate for the board.

* * * * * * *

Schlaerth, an adjunct sociology professor at Barry University, Miami Dade College and the University of Miami, is running without party affiliation to replace Sen. Frank Artiles, a Republican who resigned last month. Schlaerth is a registered Democrat, though he said he is disillusioned with the party following President Donald Trump’s win last November.

By the Power of Grayson, he has the Power!