JUST WAIT UNTIL THE PASSENGERS FIND OUT: Airlines Fret About Laptop Ban From Europe During Peak Season.

Extending electronics restrictions — now in place for travel from some Middle Eastern and African airports — to Europe would disrupt one of the world’s busiest and most lucrative travel markets just ahead of the peak summer tourism season. It could also hinder business passengers’ ability to work on their laptops on long-haul routes across the Atlantic.

Two travel trade groups, the Global Business Travel Association and the U.S. Travel Association, issued statements Thursday saying genuine security risks should be addressed, but also urging the U.S. Homeland Security department to be as flexible as possible to minimize disruptions.

“The question remains whether the targeted application of policies banning personal electronics is an effective measure to reduce the risk of terrorism,” Michael McCormick, GBTA executive director, said in a statement Thursday.

It’s certainly an effective way to expose the heavy-handed fecklessness of Homeland Security. The frequent business travelers I’ve spoken to are just about ready to engage in open revolt against the U.S. government, too.