April 30, 2017


During their discussion, Tapper dredged up a New York Times opinion piece from September 2016 warning Hillary Clinton of her “Samantha Bee problem.” The column noted that not only Bee is the problem but all stuck up liberals as well. Bee laughed and denied such a problem existed.

“Oh my God, my name was in an article. It’s me! It’s not racism, it’s just me,” she quipped, targeting President Trump’s base. “You know what? I’ll just wait—I’ll wait for all that evidence roll in and then I’ll— then I’ll make up my mind after that.”

After Bee and Tapper joked around about her negative influence, he asked: “Does he have a point about smug liberals? I’m not talking about you. But is there a smug liberal problem?” “I just can’t take responsibility for the way the election turned out,” she responded before denying that such a problem played a role in 2016.

Yeah, I just can’t see it myself, either.

UPDATE: “Please, please keep this up, and Trump will win 48 states in 2020.”

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