CHANGE? Trump Administration Floats Compromise on Health Care.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C. and head of the conservative Freedom Caucus, called the administration’s new measure for compromise “a solid idea.”

“We remain open minded and willing to look at details for the plan, so we’re hopeful,” Meadows said after emerging from his group’s meeting with Pence Monday night. “We are encouraged by at least the idea — intrigued by the idea — but would certainly need a whole lot more information before we take action in support or opposition.”

The compromise Pence and the moderate members of the House discussed — and that Pence has taken to the conservative members on the Hill — would give states the opportunity to issue a waiver so they don’t have to impose those requirements on the condition that states show that getting rid of the insurance regulations, such as essential health benefits, will lower the cost of premiums, according to a Republican aide.

The compromise would not allow states to waive those requirements for dependents under 26 or allow an opt-out for pre-existing conditions or impose lifetime spending caps.

Most any negotiations might be an improvement over last month’s failed attempt at a fait accompli.