PRICE, MEET DEMAND: Gillette, Bleeding Market Share, Cuts Prices of Razors.

Refills for Gillette men’s razors range from around $2 to $6 per cartridge, depending on the features, when not bought in bulk. That compares with Schick’s $2 to $2.75 per cartridge, when not bought in bulk. The cheapest Dollar Shave Club option features refills for 20-cents a cartridge.

Even as lower-cost shave clubs entered the scene, P&G continued to roll out new, pricier products, such as a razor featuring a swiveling-ball hinge that allows the blade to pivot. Last month, the company filed a patent application for a razor cartridge that heats up.

Among the items getting a price cut: cartridges for the Fusion razor that features five blades in a single head and a special trimmer on the back for hard-to-reach areas. A four-pack that was selling for around $19.50 will now go for closer to $15. On average, prices will fall by 12%, P&G says.

The best disposable shave you can get is from old-fashioned double-edge safety razors, which run from about 10¢ to 25¢ apiece and last all week.