HMM: Trump says privately second healthcare bill ready as early as next week.

Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, said the White House indicated during the meeting that the additional healthcare bill would come “much sooner” than officials had suggested publicly.

“Phase three, from what they were indicating in the meeting yesterday will happen, it seems, very quickly,” Martin told the Washington Examiner. “It seemed like they intended to pass that through the House very soon.”

Another meeting attendee said the president expressed a desire to see the House vote on the second healthcare bill by next week.

“It was classic Trump style. He said phase three they should vote on next week, and everybody in the room knew that was unlikely,” the attendee told the Examiner. “We said to him, ‘look, we’re skeptical you can get to 60 [votes],’ therefore we don’t want to have to have anything major in that third phase.”

Trump and Congress can slice this into as many phases as they like, but there’s no getting around the fact that to repeal ObamaCare, they’re either going to have to find 60 votes in the Senate or go Full Harry Reid on the filibuster.