CHANGE? North Korean Defector Says Kim Jong Un Can’t Last.

North Korea’s former deputy ambassador to Britain, who last year became Pyongyang’s highest-profile defector in two decades, said “Kim Jong Un’s days are numbered” and vowed to help bring down the North Korean leader, calling that the only way to resolve the nuclear issue and unify the Korean Peninsula.

Thae Yong Ho, speaking to a group of foreign reporters for the first time since his defection, said he was prompted to abandon the regime in part to free his two sons from what he called the “slavery” of the North Korean system.

“I am sure that more defections of my colleagues will take place since North Korea is already on the slippery slope,” said Mr. Thae, who predicted a “popular uprising” against the leadership.

That would be nice, but we’ve been assured that the Kim regime was doomed since U.N. forces commanded by Douglas McArthur landed at Inchon in 1950.