December 14, 2016

FINDING HISTORY: Archaeologists discover mysterious 2,500-year-old ‘lost city’ in Greece.

Experts have already made significant progress in the archaeological project. “We found a town square and a street grid that indicate that we are dealing with quite a large city,” said Rönnlund, in the press release. The area inside the city wall measures over 99 acres, or 75 football fields.

The discovery of ancient pottery and coins will help to date the city, according to Rönnlund. “Our oldest finds are from around 500 BC, but the city seems to have flourished mainly from the fourth to the third century BC before it was abandoned for some reason, maybe in connection with the Roman conquest of the area,” he said, in the press release.

Historians know relatively little about ancient cities in the region, which makes the latest discovery particularly significant. “The preliminary results of our investigation are important as they give clear evidence that western Thessaly was no backwater, but a rich and vibrant society within the ancient world,” Rönnlund told, via email.

While local authorities have known about the Vlochós remains for some time, this is the first time that systematic research has been conducted in the area.

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