RAHM’S KIND OF TOWN: Chicago tops 700 homicides — with a month to go in violent 2016.

The year got off to a violent start with 50 homicides in January and rarely let up even after the end of the summer — the peak season for shootings.

The numbers are simply off the charts. The 701 homicides through Wednesday marked a nearly 56 percent jump from the 450 killings a year earlier. With one month still to go, that represents the most homicides since 704 in 1998.

Police Department statistics do not include killings on area expressways, police-involved shootings, other justifiable homicides or death investigations that could later be reclassified as homicides. And police said a fatal shooting happened early Thursday, the first day of December, but an autopsy hasn’t confirmed that the death is a homicide.

Nearly 4,050 people have been shot, a 50 percent jump from 2,699 victims a year earlier, according to the department statistics. Shooting incidents rose by comparable figures, to 3,315, up 49 percent from 2,224 a year earlier.

“Peak season for shootings” sounds like something out of a dystopian science fiction novel.