BEGIN THE HEALING, KANYE-STYLE: Kanye West ‘would’ve voted for Trump’ at US elections.

Kanye West has said he would have voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections. Speaking at a concert in San Jose, California, the rapper – who has in the past been a vocal supporter of the Democratic party – said he did not vote last week but if he had, his allegiance would have been with the Republican representative rather than Hillary Clinton.

West’s statement, which was met with boos from the audience in San Jose, was caught on camera by one Twitter user.

West elaborated throughout the show. He stated that while he admired Trump’s debating style – saying that it was “genius” because it “worked” – his true reason for backing the Republican was that his win would inspire racists to reveal themselves. “This is the beginning,” West said, according to one attendee, adding: “Neither candidate would fix racism in this country.”

According to reports from the show, West, who has said he will run for president in 2020, also stated that black people should “stop focusing on racism”. “We are in a racist country,” he said. “Period.”

This country has certainly kept Kanye down.