RESET: Lithuania issues manual on what to do if Russia invades.

It is the third time the Lithuanian government has distributed a handbook of this type to its citizens since the Russian annexation of Crimea.

The last one, published in December 2015, was entitled “Prepare to survive emergencies and war: a cheerful take on serious recommendations.”

It included cartoons of a family with a cat and noted that “while no country is immune to adversities of any nature” it is important not to panic if there is an emergency.

There is nothing cheerful about the latest edition, which details how Lithuanians should spy and inform on the enemy if Russia succeeds in occupying part of the country.

There are also detailed images of Russian-made tanks, grenades, mines and guns and instructions on how to recognize different types. Further instructions cover first aid and surviving in the wild.
There will be 30,000 copies available in schools and libraries and it will also be published online.

It never hurts to be prepared.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): So it’s basically a new edition of Robert Conquest and John Manchip White’s What To Do When The Russians Come. The 1980s called! White, by the way, was a UT colleague of mine.