WIKILEAKS: The Video Defense About Her Emails Hillary Clinton Never Gave.

The remarks — part of a large and growing WikiLeaks release of emails hacked from Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta’s personal Gmail account — propose Clinton go to lengths, arguably unseen in the campaign from the candidate, to try and explain why she used the private server. She would do so in clearer, more complete and more personal terms than other statements she had made. She would have been apologetic, at times, taking responsibility.

“I can’t do it all again,” she was to say. “I can only tell you it was a mistake, regret it, explain it, and help State and others fix any challenges it caused.”

But she would have also been defensive, at points, noting unapologetically that she wanted her privacy: “I knew no matter what I decided to do with them, I was in for criticism. So I chose to keep a modicum of privacy. I hope you can understand that.”

Can you imagine a public figure running for higher office, in for criticism?