TOMORROW’S ATTACK ADS TODAY! James Lileks on last night’s debate:

Yes, I watched the debate. Less fireworks than I expected; though the rumble over predatory behavior was like those moments in a prizefight’s 7th round when they’re tired and in the clinch and hitting each other in the kidney. You expected them to trade straight shots to the jaw. If there was one resonant moment, it was Anderson Cooper getting Trump to say he had never acted on the behavior he described on The Tape.

“You’re saying you never did that.”

“I never did that.”

“So we’re clear, that is the thing you never did.”


“And by never, you mean absolutely never ever ever.”

“Such a thing did not happen at any point in my existence on this planet.”

“So it never happened, is what you are saying.”


“Thank you for providing the tape we’ll run after the next allegation.”

I wonder what will be in the next tape that drops?